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Smart apps & e-commerce solutions

  • FMCG retail businesses 
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Home Business

Our solutions promote

Local Sustainability

We use technology to promote local sustainability & not to destroy local business ecosystem for convenience. Our solutions reduce carbon footprints by focusing activities locally.

Futuristic Businesses

Our idea of small business empowerment is to make technology an intrinsic character of the business & not enabling technology through partners.

Economy Pricing

Modest pricing makes our solutions affordable and in turn promote wide adoption. While it is important to adopt technology, we want to make it as easy, simple & affordable as possible.

Solutions for FMCG Retail Stores

Customized Android, iPhone apps & websites for grocery, consumer durables & publishing Industry.

Solutions for Hospitality Businesses

Customized Online Booking solutions for hotels, lodges stay homes & B&B establishments.

Solutions for Home Business

Want make your home business work online? We have the right solution for you.


We offer the solution in three channels; an e-commerce website, an android app & an iPhone app. Customers can opt for one or more channels.


Comprehensive e-commerce features: Responsive Theme – Secure Applications – Catalog Management –  Search Engine Optimization – Shopping Cart – Promotions – Payment Gateway – Content Management – Catalog Update -Server Maintenance – Domain Management.

FMCG Solution


We provide our services on a subscription basis and is made available on an annual or biannual basis. In cases where client is equipped with a technical team, we also take up project on a Build – Train – Transfer model.


When we undertake end-to-end services, we offer 24 x 7 support for site-update / content update.  We are also responsible for hosting & server maintenance. Our response time is less than an hour

Online Booking

Let your guests reach you directly online. No hassles of OTAs & aggregators. Get advance room bookings & receive payments online. Run your business as per your norms. Meet customer expectations & your own!


Friendly UI – Responsive Theme – Secure Applications – Manage Offline Booking too – Integrated Payment Gateway- Partial Payment-Promotions – Pricing Rules- Room Cancellation – Reallocation – Tax Management.

Online Room Booking


A one time payment toward customization of the solution in the first year. This payment is followed by annual subscriptions for hosting, server maintenance & software update.


We address all customization & training needs before the solution is launched. We are available for hosting, maintenanace & server issues 24 x 7.

Online Selling

We build a highly customized solution for selling your merchandise online. This is the window to your customers that let’s them explore, choose, buy & pay for the articles online. 


 Responsive Theme – Secure Applications – Catalog Search – Promotions – Payment Gateway – Content Management – Inventory Management – Server Management.

Home Business Solution


One time payment toward customization of the site in the first year. Post that annual subscription toward server management & software updates.


Our 24/7 support will be there for any issues on content update, server, hosting & domain management issues.