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Empowerment of small businesses in our veins

Yes! We dream of a day when small businesses stand strong in a direct competition with giant businesses. Giant e-commerce businesses have snatched a significant share of the market from small retailers.  While e-commerce has emerged as a boon in busy city life, the convenience is now attracting consumers across the country including smaller towns & villages. Localizing e-commerce is of tremendous value.

Neighborhood business is synonymous with ‘trust’ ! Huge amount of money spent on branding cannot replace the trust that the consumer places on a next door business.  Trust factor is the only thing missing on giant e-commerce platforms that host countless sellers. Neighborhood businesses can bring transparency to e-commerce when they run their own online arms. This truly is a great differentiator. 

Connect to Customer.  Traditionally, businesses connected to customers only on the floor.  Today, online is the preferred channel of shopping & businesses stay connected with customers 24 x 7. Online presence is the starting point that unfolds the path to digital business & e-commerce portal itself is a powerful marketing tool that helps to stay connected with customer. We want to bring the customers back to local businesses & prevent further migration. 


Localized Online Grocery

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