• Reward Points

    Online reward points will be linked to store's loyalty card program. Integration of online and at the store purchases will be reflected in the loyalty card program.

  • SMS Alerts

    Separate SMS messages to Customer and Store Admins to notify about events like New Orders, Order Shipment, Order Processing.

  • Easy Store Administration

    Store Administrators have easy access to upload their daily stock information, promotions & offers and also set the price and stock availability of FMCG products.

  • Inventory updates

    Inventory updation involving adding new products, updating price and stock will be carried out the Services team.

  • Store Launch

    Online Store launch program to publicize and initiate consumer awareness of the online store.

  • Promotions & Offers

    All Store Promotions and Offers will be appropriately advertised on the online site.

  • Reporting

    Monthly reports of online sales will be provided to the store.

  • Product categorization

    Ready to use product catalog nomenclature. Product Search. Display of products

  • Mobile Apps

    Android App to enable easy shopping for your store

  • Customer Onboarding

    Regular newsletters, emails, SMS will be used to attract new customers and retain existing customers.